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‘Lean Lexicon, a graphical glossary for Lean Thinkers’

Compiled by the Lean Enterprise Institute

While this is not your traditional style of book, the ‘Lean Lexicon‘ contains so much great material that I just had to post it in a book review.  This book is just what it says it is, ‘a glossary for Lean Thinkers.’  Whether you are new to Lean Manufacturing or consider yourself an expert, this would should be in your Lean library.  The book is sorted in alphabetical order, and setup so that related topics point to one another, which makes for easy connections between lean tools and applications.  Also, another beLean Lexiconnefit is the inclusion of historical figures such as the Kiichiro Toyoda, Sakichi Toyoda, Shigeo Shingo, and Taiichi Ohno.  It lists everything you could ever want to know about Lean (at least from a basic definition basis), including some lesser known topics like A-B Control, Chaku-Chaku, Demand Amplification, Kaikaku, and Capital Linearity.  These are the types of topics that hold Lean together and are known to Lean experts, but often overlooked by rookie Lean implementors who stick to the mainstream tools like 5S and SMED.

 Overall, there is very little that this book could be accoused of lacking, and I can’t think of anything off the top of my head.  Add this book to your Lean library and pick up a copy for your coworkers or employees so that you, and they, can reference topics in the midst of a Lean transformation!

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